In 2014 OMSK TANK FARM became the first object, where work was completed within the framework of the comprehensive reconstruction of TANK FARMs.

Omsk tank farms can guarantee the safety of the high quantity and quality of fuel, as well as making labor more technological professionals and skilled.

The first year of operation of the Omsk oil depot after reconstruction shows that the object sets a new standard in the industry, both in efficiency and safety, and level of service as a whole.

The experience gained will be used in the reconstruction of tank farms of other companies. complex reconstruction project is implemented without stopping the process and does not affect the supply of fuel regions.


OMSK TANK FARM, being one of the leading Russian oil depot companies, fully aware of its responsibility to the society for the preservation of a favorable environment and rational use of natural resources in all the regions where it operates. The introduction of an environmental management system, the Company helps to reduce environmental risks and to reduce

The introduction of an environmental management system, the Company helps to reduce environmental risks and reduce costs in the conditions become tougher national and international regulation in the field of environmental protection. In this regard, environmental friendliness of production becomes a serious factor in the competitiveness of the Company.

In addition, engineering and ecological approach to solving production problems contributes to the emergence of new scientific and technical developments. Especially in the oil and gas industry, which in modern conditions is the customer, "locomotive" of the development of new technological solutions to reduce the environmental, resource use and energy consumption.

Significant amounts of funding for environmental programs, the Company considers investment in the future, to ensure the quality of the natural environment of regions in which it operates. Efficient efforts to improve the environmental safety of production strengthens the Company's positive image in the public mind, in government, in the business community.

OMSK TANK FARM values its reputation as a company with high social responsibility and is always open to dialogue with all stakeholders in the sustainable development and rational use of natural resources.

Environmental policy OMSK TANK FARM based on laws and legal acts of the Russian Federation, its subjects, takes into account the basic provisions of international conventions and agreements, aimed at the harmonious development of production, social, community and environmental conservation.

OMSK TANK FARM — engaged in transshipment and storage of oil products. The company's assets - 34 tank farms in 15 regions of Russia. "Gazpromneft-Terminal" has a large volume of the tank farm, developed transport infrastructure, process equipment for transshipment of light oil and fuel oil in the rail, road and river transport, as well as storage facilities for packaged products.

At the sites the company has well-developed quality control system and the safety of oil. OMSK TANK FARM - strategic site in the West Siberian region, located close to the Omsk refinery, where the fuel enters the tank farm on the pipeline. Built in 1970, the reconstruction is completed in 2014. The volume of the tank farm - 20 thousand cubic meters, the volume of transshipment -. 800 thousand tons per year.

Power tank farm allows us to serve hundreds of tanker trucks per day. Program complex reconstruction of tank farms "Gazprom oil" sells. In order to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, turnover of the small tank farms are transferred to larger objects included in the reconstruction program. This will reduce unit operating costs for transshipment of petroleum products.