In 2014 OMSK TANK FARM became the first object, where work was completed within the framework of the comprehensive reconstruction of TANK FARMs.

Omsk tank farms can guarantee the safety of the high quantity and quality of fuel, as well as making labor more technological professionals and skilled.

The first year of operation of the Omsk oil depot after reconstruction shows that the object sets a new standard in the industry, both in efficiency and safety, and level of service as a whole.

The experience gained will be used in the reconstruction of tank farms of other companies. complex reconstruction project is implemented without stopping the process and does not affect the supply of fuel regions.


Human Resource Management in OMSK TANK FARM - is organized by the Office focused team of professionals whose goal is to ensure the most efficient operation of the Company, as well as the satisfaction of the interests of the working staff and the needs of individual employees. OMSK TANK FARM based on the fact that the main value of the company and the competitive advantage is the staff. The Company's activities in this area is aimed at raising the professional level of employees, the maximum use of their abilities and skills of each employee; the possibility of planning and building a career.

To solve the problems in the field of human resource management and development OMSK TANK FARM implements programs and activities, the objectives of which are: the formation of a highly stable team, the development of internal talent pool, the use of mentoring institution, attracting young professionals, as well as the establishment of an effective integrated system of motivation of each employee. The main objective of the personnel policy of the company - to build a personnel management system, under which the company would have the status of a "preferred employer" in the regions of its presence. Internal provisions, regulations, rules used OMSK TANK FARM to implement personnel policies are developed and implemented in strict accordance with Russian law and the principle of representation of equal opportunities and non-discrimination on any of the symptoms either.

Strong corporate culture OMSK TANK FARM able to attract and retain talent, and the fruits of their labor create the high reputation of the company. In OMSK TANK FARM year implemented measures for the implementation of high-quality recruitment. Staffing is carried out by horizontal rotation of staff and set free from the external market manpower all regions of Russia. In order to attract and retain highly skilled professionals, and ensure their interest in achieving high production and technical and economic indicators OMSK TANK FARM uses a complex system of employee motivation. OMSK TANK FARM provides a wide range of opportunities for creative, scientific and technical ideas, innovations, to lead innovation, development and introduction of new technological processes.

OMSK TANK FARM, as well as all leading companies of Russia, shares the principles of social responsibility, which are accepted in most developed countries, and seeks to put them into practice in all spheres of its activity. The company is building its own social policies on the basis of a harmonious combination of the interests of its employees, the population of the regions and society in general and shareholders in strict compliance with legal regulations and requirements.

Achieving dynamic development and improve production efficiency, the company is investing heavily in the solution of social problems, taking part in the implementation of state and regional projects in the field of development of the national culture, education, health and social support of the population. The company's activities in the regions of presence is aimed at maintaining stability, the strengthening of social and economic potential of the territories. OMSK TANK FARM seeks to maintain and create through the development of production of new jobs in every region of activity, contributes to improving the living standards of the population, provides financial support for regional programs of social orientation. The establishment of appropriate working conditions, living conditions, recreation and health of employees, development of sports, support for pensioners and veterans are important factors in strengthening and developing the company's chief capital - the workforce, and a significant component of successful development of the company in the future.

An indication of the stable operation of companies that provide workers social guarantees and benefits. The level of social benefits, guarantees and compensations stipulated in the collective agreement. Subject to the fulfillment of the collective production tasks to employees provided more than thirty types of social benefits and guarantees. Social policy of the company is formed and implemented in a systematic manner, in accordance with the approved regulations.

OMSK TANK FARM — engaged in transshipment and storage of oil products. The company's assets - 34 tank farms in 15 regions of Russia. "Gazpromneft-Terminal" has a large volume of the tank farm, developed transport infrastructure, process equipment for transshipment of light oil and fuel oil in the rail, road and river transport, as well as storage facilities for packaged products.

At the sites the company has well-developed quality control system and the safety of oil. OMSK TANK FARM - strategic site in the West Siberian region, located close to the Omsk refinery, where the fuel enters the tank farm on the pipeline. Built in 1970, the reconstruction is completed in 2014. The volume of the tank farm - 20 thousand cubic meters, the volume of transshipment -. 800 thousand tons per year.

Power tank farm allows us to serve hundreds of tanker trucks per day. Program complex reconstruction of tank farms "Gazprom oil" sells. In order to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, turnover of the small tank farms are transferred to larger objects included in the reconstruction program. This will reduce unit operating costs for transshipment of petroleum products.